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Compo-Expert TerraPlus Natura K 25kg (Granular Fertiliser)

ZAR 1,100.00

Pure organic granular fertilizer NPK 4-4-12 from 100 % natural origin of high quality.

The TerraPlus® Natura range contains high-quality organic products which are certified for organic farming. The selection of high-class prime materials and a strict quality control ensures a top performance of the products. The different NPK formulations offer solutions for organic farming for all crops throughout the season.


  • Organic products certified for organic farming
  • FibL certification
  • 100 % organic raw materials
  • Homogenous granules for an even and smooth application
  • Available in three formulations: high N, high K and balanced formula (N & K only in SA currently)
  • All nutrients in every granule
  • Complete organic portfolio for all crops and the whole season: high N, high K, and high P content, and balanced formula
4,0 % N total nitrogen
4,0 % organic nitrogen

4,0 % P2Oneutral ammon citrate and water soluble phosphat

12,0 % K2O water soluble potassium oxid

6,0 % CaO total calcium oxide

5,6 % S total sulphur

48,0 % organic matter